Getting up at 5AM is necessary if you want to visit other islands on day trips. This day we just wanted to sleep as long as we can to relax a bit. Anyway we got up at 9AM, had breakfast, did laundry, reserved hotels for the next days etc. Around midday we went once again to have a Ceviche with our friend we got to know days before. This man just sells one dish and one drink (tamarind juice). He seems to be sooo happy and relaxed – just enjoying life!

Again we had a nice conversation until it was time for a short Santa Cruz bay tour. Honestly it wasn’t what we were expecting but it was ok. Just saw some turtles, sea wolves, and boobies. We’ve also seen a big masculine frigate, which have inflatable red-colored throat pouches to attract females. Our friend Niki explained that to us as following: “Die Männer mit dem grössten Sack bekommen eine Frau!”  -the male with the biggest pouch gets the female 😉 

A crew member told us that they are not good fishers and cannot take off from a flat surface therefore steal other birds’ fishes. Having the largest wingspan to body weight ratio of any bird, they are essentially aerial, able to stay aloft for more than a week, landing only to roost or breed on trees or cliffs.

Snorkeling wasn’t that great that day as the sea was still really rough and sight was limited. Anyway we made out the best of the day and enjoyed that we were in Galapagos. That said we would definitely return here as everything is just amazing, so much life and history on those islands, so many things to do. As the next day would be our last day in Galapagos for this time, we returned home and prepared our backpacks for getting up early again the next day…