With the luck of having an old friend in Rio we went from the Favela to Ipanema, one of the nicest places in Rio. Yolo, whom I shared long and cheap alcohol nights is in Rio studying plastic and reconstructive surgery and was kind enough to offer us her room, even with our progressive hippie smell.

She took us to the center of Rio and showed us around, we went to some famous stairs which were made by an egocentric chilenean artist who apparently sits in the stairs with two assistants who invite you to visit his “studio” in exchange for some words of wisdom. Even though the stair work is excellent I don’t want to be part of enriching the ego of this man, so we passed.

We then went to the famous Lapa arches and a catholic church which was constructed based in the Chichen Itza pyramid, interesting!

The highlight of the day was yet to come, we headed to the Pra├ža XV and walked and talked, walked some more, we saw the port, we crossed a bridge, we walked some more and then we were in the same spot as an hour ago, LOL. After that we found the place where the cheating Portuguese king lived and where his wife crazy with jealousy killed herself jumping off a cliff and into the ocean.

After such a long walk we rewarded ourselves with some eat by kilo food, basically it’s a buffet but you pay according to the quantity you serve yourself.

As we weren’t lucky enough we passed by a museum which had an exposition about the indigenous┬ápeople in the Amazons, it was amazing, but tough to discover that they suffer seclusion and rejection, hunger and poverty, as well as almost all the other indigenous people who remain faithful to their traditions and nature.

Ok, back to the hippie odor now. After coming back from the center we got to wash all of our clothes, we can now confirm the hippie odor is gone, in fact, we are proudly odor-free.