Nature in its absolute purity, Iguazu Falls are just incredible. Tourists from all over the world gather not for the architecture, nor the party, nor the gold filled churches, but to experience the stunning sound and views from tons of water falling down the river.

We crossed to the Argentinian side as its supposed to be better, what followed next was not at all expected. Just like Disneyland, the “amusement park” greets you with mascots and maps, souvenir shops and so on. A small trail and the train takes you and hundreds of other tourists to the “Devil’s Throat”, the most spectacular waterfall of all. It’s a small space next to the waterfall and tourists are just being pushed aside so the “authorized photographers” can take the souvenir photo.

Let me say the first time I was asked to move, I was friendly and kind, the second I was a bit bothered, by the fourth I was completely stressed out. – “I’m trying to enjoy the waterfalls, I can’t do it if I’m constantly being pushed!” I said angry so the photographers started to bother me until I left.

Ok, I am not a reporter and don’t want to make this a wining blog, but that kind of stuff really ruins the whole meaning of why we go there, to listen, to see, to appreciate, to realize how wonderful and perfect the universe is.

We had met two Mexicans on the bus ride to the park and so we went everywhere with them, one of them got back from the Devil’s Throat also pissed, so I was feeling a little less bitter. 

The park was full with Coatis and everyone kept feeding them so when we got our lunch out we were suddenly surrounded, one of them kept pulling my arm, one was even looking in the backpack that we had left unattended, they were super funny, but they have huge claws and teeth, so I backed up a little. 

It was overall a beautiful experience, but if it was less like an amusement park and more like untouched nature it would’ve been even more spectacular than it was.