Saturday morning in Buenos Aires – too early to do anything as this city seems to be more active bye night. Saving money and “moving like a local” we took a completely crowded bus to a neighborhood called “La Boca”. And by crowded it means that the bus driver didn’t stop anymore unless people wanted to hop off. With no idea where to get out we just left once we thought we are close to the tourist attraction. In fact we were close but there were not many people on the streets, anyway we didn’t feel very secure as we already have read to much about this corner and its relation to crime.

Of course nothing happened and there we were at this neighborhood surrounded by old colorful houses, streets filled with restaurants serving parrillas, tango shows everywhere, and even Maradona w there (see picture below). Of course I couldn’t resist a short visit to the stadium of Maradona’s former soccer club Boca Juniors. With the evening coming closer we’ve decided to go to the city center with its pink government building and the big Plaza de Mayo, where still several signs remember and protest the conflict between UK and Argentina with Falkland Islands. 

We then went behind Puerto Madero to have some lovely street food and watch people chatting, driving around with tuned bikes (putting sound system etc.) until we were full and tired so we just returned to our home to relax.

We took the subway and this time we got to see the old wagons covered with wood (South America’s first sub), they’re pretty cool as you have to open the doors manually and could do that before arriving the station. If you are in the first wagon you even can watch the trip as you would be the driver.