All nights were practically the same, I would be awaken by the sounds of the jungle. Yesterday night the screaming monkeys where near and if you’ve ever heard them you know the sound is very loud and scary, like an extremely strong wind. 

After breakfast we got once again in the canoe and rowed to the other side of the Fernando Lake. We began looking for Pumba’s (which are really shy) and saw one, well actually half of one and half of another so that’s one. Both times they got alarmed by our noisy steps and moved away. Then we walked and walked until we headed back to the cabin, had lunch and said good bye to the jungle. 

I was feeling happy to go back but once we were back I was completely devastated because I was tired and annoyed by people. On our way back we stopped at a small camp site by the lake to a screaming man selling fish. He also had turtle eggs (completely illegal and immoral). One of the men in our boat traded a 4 kg fish and turtle eggs for a bag of coca leaves. 

It was a family I guess, there was an old man with no teeth on a very old canoe. There were two older women with little kids, one of them had a stomach so big I’m pretty sure he was malnourished. They all seemed to be. 

Once in Rurrenabaque we went to the tour agency and there was a baby spider monkey which we’ve seen the day we arrived to the reserve. She was brought to the city to get cured and until she’s old enough and can survive in the wild on her own. She ran to me and wouldnt let go, once again it was a hard good bye as she was screaming when she got taken away from me. That completed my devastation. I felt sick, sad and angry and had a terrible night.