Merhaba Morocco! After a delayed flight and waiting in the “Visa-queue” for an hour we finally arrived to our very nice Riad in the Medina (old city) Marrakech. Riads are typical houses (no hotel complexes) in Morocco, mostly beautifully restored. It was evening already so we just went for a walk to the famous market square djemaa el fna. We thought that we are experienced travelers but we got trapped twice in beginners rules. 1) Lucia got a hand “tattoo” without requesting it 🙂 2) A young man asked “What are you looking for” and… to make it short, Lucia’s tattoo wasn’t for free and the exclusive guidance (there were 3 kids in the end) to a restaurant wasn’t either 🙂

We had a nice dinner and returned and enjoyed our really beautiful and modernly restored riad. The next day we just explored the medina including the smelly tanneries, bought some spices, walked in many small streets with souks (markets) where you can get lost very easily and prepared the rest of our trip through Morocco. All in all you see and smell many old streets together with wonderful old Arabic doors and buildings. Reminded a bit of India, you almost get asked in every second corner: “what are you looking for?”, “hello my friend how are you doing?”, “Where do you come from”, “Spanish? Bienvenidos a Marocco”… You finally decide if you feel this as kindness or annoyance.