Since the outskirts of Montevideo you can see many graffiti and other signs calling out for freedom, education, fighting for unlawful treatment of workers, an unfair incarceration and many others. I hoped this would be a representation of the population’s awareness to social issues.

At first sight the capital of Uruguay seems dull, but I think it’s charm relies in its people, which we saw yelling at each other, going to see the sunset at the harbor or just wandering around looking for a place where they can sleep tonight. 

There are a couple of beautiful man made places like some parks and monuments, but what I liked the most were the walls full with street art, we could even recognize one of the pieces made by a very famous street artist we’ve seen in London. Apart from that we just walked the streets until sunset when the streets started to look abandoned and the security feeling was slowly fading away.

With steak-bits, a huge portion Gramajo (famous local dish with potatoes, eggs, ham, onions and herbs) and a sangria made with red wine, lime, orange, sugar and rum, we’ve ended our day and prepared our things for the next stop. You might been wondering if we enjoy our time or just spend it uploading fotos and writing blog entries – the answer is easy – we are spending some hours in bus travels and they offer free WiFi (yes “less”-developed countries we think).