Lucia’s parents were invited to a congress in Palermo, so we decided to join them. We arrived on the 30th, took a shuttle to our hotel and waited for Maria Elena and Jesus but they didn’t arrive and we were hungry, so we went out for dinner. Although recommended on Tripadvisor the restaurant was disappointing, but it didn’t matter as Lucia’s parents were ready to meet us.

After a long time we met in the streets of Palermo 🙂

Jesus already knew where to go to (they had already spent some days in Palermo) and they took us to a small market place. First impression: a barrio plenty of young people in the streets, music, cheap beer and some market stands with “fast food” like the really tasty porcetta. We had a nice evening talking and laughing with some African (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt) congress members, who joined our table for some hours.

The next day it was Lucia’s birthday! The parents had to work so Lucia and I decided to get to know Palermo by foot 🙂 Norman, Greek and Roman buildings, several markets, people from different origins, no traffic rules (there might be some, but they don’t care), we really got to like Palermo… We finished the day with a seafood dinner in the streets. They mentioned that they haven’t celebrated a birthday together for 8 years – so we enjoyed it even more!