Filled with excitement (and probably still from the Parrilla from the day before) that day was a lovely day, the sun had just started to come out and it was coloring the sky with red, orange and purple tones. The bus was on time and so we were on our way to the one of the worlds most beautiful and stunning places: Perito Moreno Glacier. 

As we were reaching the park, it started to rain and then to pour. I closed my eyes and wished it would stop and we could get a sunny glacier day (it didn’t work). By the time we arrived it was still raining, but we had to take the opportunity and take advantage of the place.

It’s when you walk some meters to the beginning of the route that you get the first glimpse of it, my heart stopped, I had no breath, my eyes starting watering (also from the latent rhinorreah I was suffering).

Massive quantities of ice (see the pictures below, just imagine how many margaritas you can do with that) build up an incredible white and blue sculpture greater than NY’s skyline and more beautiful than any man made piece of art, why? Because it’s alive! You can listen to its magnificent roar when chunks of ice crack, melt and fall into the ocean. It sounds like thunder, so powerful and overwhelming that you cant miss it, doesn’t matter where you are, and then if you’re lucky enough you can see it; that ice that becomes so tiny and meaningless when it breaks and falls to become¬†either a lonely ice island or just becoming part of the rest of the sea.

There is no other way to describe this glacier that will forever be in my dreams, hopefully teaching me how perfect nature is.