The day started smelling the dead in the Recoleta Cementery, ok, I don’t know if it was the dead who were smelling but it was awful and awfully sad to see an old women crying in front of a huge grave while we, the tourists were just sneaking around. 

Eva Duarte de Peron (better known as Evita) is the name with which she is burried, it is funny how people are interested to see where the bodies of the dead are. Like with the hope of bringing them back to life, at least in our thoughts. 

El Ateneo is Latin America’s largest library. A former theater which seats got replaced with book shelves, where we could not resist the power of words and after spending some time grabbing book after book we finally bought one.

The noise of a hungry stomage changed our mood and suddenly we were desperate to find a place to eat, unfortunately for us lunch time was over so we had to walk some of Palermo’s streets to finally be rewarded with some empanadas and a famous cut “bife de chorizo” (yummy steak)! 

We picked up our laundry and headed to the hotel where Giorgio the owner was waiting for us to take us to our Tango Class in an old factory building. The restaurant offers a wonderful vegetarian menu, I tried the best tabule ever and some veggie empanadas and natural juices. Then, we were called to begin our lesson, with a bunch of other people we started to dance and impress everybody with our tango abilities, our passion was unbelievable. The teachers would guide us and show us some of the steps which we dominated completely. Ok, not really, but we had a lot of fun and at midnight tired we went home to a very short 4 hours sleep.