La Isla Bonita. There are some people who love the Caribbean; drinking coconuts on a white sand beach and turquoise water, in peace, no aqua aerobics music, no pool bar, no people around. This is THE place to be if you’re looking for just that.

We rented an apartment and bought some stuff to keep us entertained. We went to the beach immediately. Christian was reading a horror book with zombies and that kind of stuff, so it was quite understandable that he jumped out of his hammock when I came quietly and surprised him.

It was very relaxing; reading a very strange book (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath: And Other Oneiric works) on a hammock under palm trees, I felt happy and high as a kite.

So high that I completely forgot to wear sunblock and after a 3-4 hr midday sunbath my legs started to feel on fire, at nighttime they were red and burning like hell.

Three days long we played cards, drank some beer from the local mini-market, ate some chips and junk food, Aldo brought his kite to do some kite surfing, which was pretty awesome to watch and we went snorkeling with mantas, mini-sharks,… – just check out the pictures!