This day was full of highlights. On our way to Syrakusa we crossed remote places and we walked across the streets. We then took a drive up the famous Etna volcano. The views were amazing, there was dry lava everywhere, not a lot of vegetation, but amazing nevertheless. It’s impressive to see the power to Mother Nature, the reach of it.

When we arrived to Taormina we got a bit lost, even thought we had a navi we couldn’t find the hotel, so we went up a street who took us to another street which was dangerously narrow, Bernd was driving but when the walls started to feel closer he got out of the car and said: – Noup, I don’t drive anymore, this is too crazy. There was a line of cars behind us and they started to get a bit pushy. A guy on a motorbike came to us, grabbed the keys of the car and drove it out of the street. He said driving through that street is part of their driving test. No kidding.

Embarrassed but laughing we finally found the little boutique hotel in the city center and found a beautiful view of the sea and city on both rooms. It was amazing.

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