We woke up at 4am completely confused and quickly had to get all the clothes we had to prepare for the -15 C that awaited for us at the geysers. It was approximately one and a half hours ride in which the driver warned us about altitude sickness since the tatio geysers are 4,200 mts above sea level being one of the highest-elevation geyser field in the world.

It was still dark when we arrived to have breakfast at a small and extremely cold house. When we got out, the sun has already started to come out and from the house the small geysers started to appear up in smoke. 

It was interesting to know we were only 1000 mts from the magma and how nature is so wise that the magma finds its way out to the atmosphere, otherwise our planet would explode.

With -15 C, winds and the altitude we just stayed half an hour there and then headed to the termal pool where the Polar Bear had a small bath with 20-24 C inside and freezing cold outside. I couldn’t manage to do it, so I just waited until I saw his purple lips and shivering body coming towards me happy to have done this crazy swim.

A small village followed in the tour, it was some abandoned dusty place where you could buy some food and hot drinks, otherwise it was quite dull. The way back was beautiful, always surrounded by volcanos, hills and frozen lagoons. Back in San Pedro, we’ve just relaxed and got prepared for our upcoming 3 days tour to Uyuni.