After a 16 hourS bus ride we arrived to San Pedro de Atacama at noon, took a bath and headed first to Valle de la Luna. Surrounded by dozens of volcanos the only things you can feel are the nothingness of the desert and the sound of the winds. However romantic that sounds, sand dunes and wind is not the greatest combination if you just took a bath.

To get to the so called Valle de la muerte you must first get passed a small valley with a trumendous sand storm (130 km/h) coming your way. It was wonderful to see its never ending nature, but we couldn’t stay there more than 5 minutes until we walked back to the bus BACKWARDS.

At the end of the day we watched the sunset from the top of a canyon full with other tourists. As the sun started to drop, a purple, pink, blue, green sky started to illuminate the panorama – amazing.