We arrived by bus to Viña del Mar and walked around the streets for a while, it was nice and very relaxed but nothing worth staying for more than two hours so off we went to Valparaiso.

Even if it’s dirtier, more disorganized, more unsafe than Viña, Valparaiso has great charm. It’s a port city built on about 30 hills and it’s the opposite of Santiago. While Santiago is all about money, traffic, stress etc., Valparaiso, “Chile’s Cultural Capital”, seems to be a more relaxed city, a place to chill and live stress free. To explore this city full of history and ART we’ve also used one of their famous funicular elevators. One can see that the golden era is over (only 3 out of 27 built funicular elevators are currently running) but the wonderful street art gives it the spark it needs to shine today.