Arequipa is a nice colonial city in Peru. Because its lower than the other places we’ve been, the temperature raised and we felt like in nice spring time evenings. As the whole region is famous for its Alpaca-wool products, we just walked around and searched for nice products and unfortunately Lucia couldn’t find the perfect coat for her 🙁 Maybe we will find one in Lima (yeeeei! -Lucia).

It’s situated just 3 hours from the sea, hence their traditional Peruvian Ceviche is amazing. Peruvians are proud of the large diversity of foods they have and yes, what we’ve tried so far was really good and spicy. The Ceviche itself was a bit different (sweet potato and algae) of the one we know from Mexico, but really tasty in its way (but not better, hehe -me again!)

After lunch we went to the local market where they sell just everything. There was a huge fruit bar, minimum 15 vendors selling fresh fruit juices. We had a mix of mango, strawberry, oranges and passion fruit, it felt like a luxury massage to our mouth. It’s really interesting passing all the different stalls; some offering turtle eggs, some “cutting” meat with their axe while others have Sopa de Cabrito (goat soup served with the head or rips of the goat) for lunch.

At lunch time there were hundreds of teachers demonstrating around the main plaza. They are fighting for a national wide raise of their salaries. Good for them, even if you can’t win in a demonstration it shows awareness.

After spending some time people watching in the main square we had to catch our night bus to Cusco, a very awaited destination.

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