With the muscles still aching from the flight, we decided it was time to do some exercise so there we go to rent some bikes to get to some waterfalls up in the mountains. We then bought the necessary water and chips to help us get through the tough ride. The first half an hour was quite relaxing and flat! The rest was not. After approximately one and a half or two hours we got to the first waterfalls, extremely tired. It was a formation or rocks in a form of a slide and that’s precisely what you could do there; slide.

Still suffering of throat pain I decided it would not be the best for my recovery to slide through the cold water so I passed, Bernd, on the other hand even though he didn’t have a swimming suite didn’t. So off he went, boxers on and wiiiiiiiii! down the waterfall.


The way back was just hoping on the bike and letting go, but then there were still some more uphill bike riding to do to get to the other waterfalls, I don’t know how we did it. As we were on the dirt road sweating another biker passes us by fast and shameless, – Seriously?, I screamed with rage.


We finally got to the last waterfall and chatted with the sporty fellow from Holland. We didn’t stay long, and after the first part of going downhill Bernd realized his bike had a flat :s it was still more then an hour to go, and quite exhausted we stopped at a restaurant where you eat by kilo. So there is a buffet and you take whatever you want and then weight it and that’s what you pay, a kilo costs around 10 euros, we paid them. Bernd had a really painful way back, bumpy roads + flat tire, he’s butt had had enough.

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