We arrived to Curitiba with some CS hosts but it was quite late so we just said hello to Gerardo, Adriana, Georgia and the fat white fluffy Chubi, the family dog.

On Sunday after breakfast the Curitibian couple took us to the city center where the city fair takes place every sunday, you can find everything there, from food to handcrafts to paintings, and tons of other stuff that you do not need at all.

We started to chat about our different cultures, but there was a topic which was of main interest to everyone: food. Talking about the different foods we went to the museum of Oscar Niemeyer. For everybody who doesn’t know him, he is a really famous Brasilian architect. I was amazed to learn that he is like 104 years old having such a futuristic vision that surprised me in a fantastic way. 

Curitiba is about 300 or 400 years old and was built by many immigrants from Poland, Germany, Japan and many others. There is a polish park behind the museum with a diabolical bust of pope John Paul II, you can see it below, LOL.

On we went talking and talking and driving through Curitiba’s main attractions with our super awesome hosts, which were kind enough to take us around, to eat, for dinner and stand us for the whole day, we thank them dearly.

This post is for you guys; it’s not everyday you meet people who open their house and lives just for the fun of it, so we truly appreciate the honesty and kindness that you had with us, may your life be full with many beautiful moments and people. 🙂
Lucia and Bernd

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