The last day was the highlight of the trip – Salar de Uyuni. For those who don’t know anything about this place; it’s the world’s largest salt flat at more than 10,000 square kilometers. A comparison for Austrians – equivalent to 4 times Vorarlberg. A sea of salt that seems to have no end. 

Our first stop was Incahuasi Island, full of giant cactus (interesting note: this kind of cactus grow one centimeter per year; so a 2 meter cactus has lived approximately 200 years). On the top of the island there was a small altar dedicated to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth), one of the offers was a goat’s head which was pretty disgusting but that didn’t seem to bother Fernando the Brasilian who used it as a base for his tripod (see picture below).

We then drove to an open space where the salt seemed to be infinite. Because it’s so flat, you can play with perspective so the pictures are amazing or can be, depending on the photograph. Spending hours under blue skies, we had a lot of fun together with the other tour members taking tons of pictures.

Afterwards we had lunch in the flats and then arrived to Uyuni. As we got closer and closer to that little town we couldn’t help notice the piles of trash and dirt, which is such a shame because of all the beauty we’ve seen before. Anyway, we were happy to arrive and had the most amazing pizza, one of the best we’ve tried (Sardegna still has the number 1 though, 😉

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