Today is extremely hot, there seems to be more mosquitos, I just realized that I have over 30 bites in my legs. We’re heading to Lago Gringo and as we walk I see once again
Don Cevero chasing the Mosquitos away from his face with his Machete, I laugh and get nervous at the same time.

As we arrive to the other side of the Gringo Lake, Don spots Jaguar prints in the mud. Then he starts making monkey sounds and after a 10 minutes walk they work, three spider monkeys hang from trees above 30mts. He tells us not to be nervous if they come, I thought they would come with loads of luck. Don Cevero takes bananas out of his backpack and hands them over to me, one of the monkeys looks at them and begins a rapid descent. When it arrives to the floor it runs like a child in two legs towards me and just climbs me as I were a tree, puts arms and legs around me and doesn’t let go. 

We are heading back and I’m carrying a monkey with me, her name is Cheeta, she was rescued from the village where many people capture, kill and eat or just capture and keep them around. She’s been in the reserve for a year but its thought for them to get back to the wild, especially if they’re not used to getting their own food, escaping from predators and so on. We wait for the other monkeys to come but they don’t so Cheeta gets all the bananas. 

I open my arms and she comes and clings to me and when it’s time to go she doesn’t want to let go and neither do I. Don Cevero pulls her away and we get back on the canoe and as we’re getting ready to leave, Cheeta hops on hoping she went unnoticed, but she didn’t. Don Cevero throws water and she hops off and they just row fast away while Cheeta stares at me sad, It made me feel terrible looking at her so sad.

We went back to the main cabin where we had our lunch and then relaxed in the hammocks on the second floor while two guacamayas accompanied our sleep. Even though one of them can fly and sometimes goes for a fly with other birds, it always comes back and keeps company to the other one which cannot fly anymore.

In the afternoon we went for another trek, it was so hot that Don Cevero made me a fan with a huge leave. He showed us the garlic tree, it smells exactly like garlic and they use it to cook. We saw ants with white heads which can be used to sew skin after injuries due to its stappler-kinda-bite. 

Don Cevero also made a kinda-flute to imitate tapirs, but we were not so lucky this time; we couldn’t spot any so we went back. Easy to find were monkeys, there were tons of them always in a group. 

At sunset, Bernd and Don Cevero hopped in the canoe hoping to fish and after they caught two baby pirahna’s they gave up and came back, the Mosquitos were just unbearable this day. We had dinner and just went back to our cabin.

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