At 5am we woke up and took the morning flight back to La Paz. It was a wonderful flight once again but getting to the city was awful, the early morning traffic was horrible and the sounds of the city where just overwhelming. Actually we arrived to El Alto and got a taxi to a close bus station to get faster to Copacabana. This is not the usual way and that’s why we were the only tourists in this busy, crazy street waiting until our bus left.

For breakfast we bought some fried empanadas stuffed with potatoe, eggs and meat. We hopped on the bus and left La Paz behind us. After 4 days of relaxation and being in nature in its purity, being back in the real life was somehow shocking. Traffic everywhere, almost every car honking, poor people in between selling their goods and so on. A truck just turned left hitting another minivan with its tail. The driver jumped out and ran after the truck to shout at him… As we were on the bus we don’t know how it ended. More and more we finally got to the rural area. One can see the agricultural life of Bolivians, no machines but donkeys doing the  work. This simple life is for sure one reason why so many people are moving to the cities hoping that life conditions change.

After two hours everybody had to get off the bus as we had to cross a river. How does that work? The buses are put on a boat and the passengers on another boat. Just check the pictures below. On the other side we continued our travels to Copacabana in which we’ve had a bad experience we don’t want to share on this blog. Anyway, we arrived to Copacabana, a small city at the Titicaca lake, we just waited for our boat to Isla del Sol, our final destination. The boat ride was nice but very slow.

After an hour and a half we finally arrived to the islands where we got picked up by two children. To get to the hotel we had to do a steep uphill walk. That’s why our backpacks where first put on a donkey, otherwise you’d need a lot of time and energy to manage this trek. But it was totally worth it as the views were getting better the higher we got. We loved this place from the beginning, few tourists visit this place, the views are amazing and the people very friendly.

In the evening we enjoyed an amazing sunset together with a nice candle light dinner, as the restaurant didn’t have electricity. Afterwards it was time to get back home with the help of our flashlight to finally relax after a long and somehow complicated trip (bus to airport, flight, taxi to bus station, bus to river, boat crossing river, bus to copacabana, boat to the island, steep walk to hotel.

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