We arrived safe and sound to Sao Paulo. It was still dark when we went out of the airport and when we were on the bus to Paraty, the sun had just started to illuminate the way to show us our first impressions of Brazil. Mumbai! – said Bernd. The view was old and dirty in the pale sunrise light. It was just then when a lady made the first trip to the toilette, it wouldn’t have been so awful if we didn’t have the seats exactly next to it. The odor coming out of it did not help “cleaning” our first impressions of Brazil. In fact, it was by the third or fourth trip that we were sure it wasn’t just a passing thing! Not sure if it was puke or diarrhea or both, I then realized we were very unlucky to have gotten these seats. Tired, hungry and holding my breath for the entire trip I was feeling “shitty”, suddenly I was comforted by Bernd’s gentle hand which touched my face turning it around to face his and with an evil grin he expressed:  Welcome to Brazil!

Fortunately after a very painfully disgusting hour we changed buses, and with the bus change, so did the scenery became splendid, nature getting thicker and our heads heavier. We slept almost the entire trip to Paraty, the seats were marvelous, business class style. I won’t go into details with the bus’s bathroom and the bumpy roads, I will just say already have to do some laundry. First day and already all these toilette stories. Paraty is so beautiful, old and colorful painteresque houses guiding our way through the narrow rocky streets. Ate, walked, bathed, slept (at 8pm)

It’s almost 8am, we can smell it, so we’re off to have some breakfast and later….we’ll see!

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