We finally arrived to Santiago where our cousins Monica and Dave and our little nephews Jackie (4) and Matt (2) live since one year, you might remember them from my blog in Thailand. 

Day one and Dave was delayed to pick us up because he was organizing a cool box with ice and beer for Bernd. We then went to their very humble home in the “Hollywood hills” of Santiago and had awesome burgers. 

It was a school night so we only got a chance to see the kids very quick before they went to bed. The next couple of days were all about chilling, talking, eating, and waking up late. 

Jackie was 2 when we met her in Thailand, she’s a big little princess now with a party coming up in 7 days, I don’t know since when the countdown to her birthday began but she is counting seriously. 

Matt is still the same, eating tons of cookies, running and being all over the place but he talks like crazy, I can understand about 10% of the things he says but he’s super funny, singing and loves to be chased and picked up and tossed around, tough love. 

It’s nice to be in a place where you feel more at home.

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