The guy who rented us the bikes yesterday told us about a beautiful beach which could only be accessed by boat or a really long trek through the jungle. Of course we took the trekking today. We took a bus to Laranjeiras and from there we started our walk, the jungle is amazing, full of noises but still.

After a good one hour and a half of up and downhill trails, our ears caught the sea and our eyes the blue of it. Amazing, abandoned, hidden.

There were a total of 7 tourists including us, the others were fishermen and locals. In the summer its crowded and people are fighting to camp there, at the moment, the camping sites, bars and colorful restaurants stand there as they have been waiting forever.

One bar was open and we got to try the fresh fried fish from the morning beautifully cooked by Jannette, a cute 40sh woman who didn’t stop talking as soon as she realized we understood.

Walked back to Laranjeiras, we are dead and just waiting till 8pm to get some chicken in passions fruit (maracuja) sauce. Yummie!

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